Biometric Policy and Release

Biometric Data Usage and Security Policy and Authorization 

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Biometric Policy & Release

Biometric Policy & Release

Biometric Data Usage and Security Policy and Authorization
Under this policy, Biometric Data means the unique alphanumeric value (hash) generated from a fingerprint scan taken when an employee scans a finger in the Company’s POS (point of sale) system. Currently, the Company uses the Biometric Data generated to authenticate all hourly employees logging into our POS systems in order to meet PCI requirements and for timekeeping purposes. However, the Company may in the future need to use and disclose Biometric Data for other lawful purposes, such as access verification processes and related audits and investigations, to the extent it is technologically feasible.
• The Company’s policy is to collect, store, retain and protect biometric data in accordance with applicable standards, best practices and laws, to the extent they may be applicable.
• An individual’s Biometric Data will not be collected, otherwise obtained, used, stored or disclosed by the Company without prior written consent of the individual.
• The Company will not sell, lease, trade, or otherwise profit from an individual’s Biometric Data. • The sole use of the fingerprint image taken is to create a unique hash (alphanumeric value) for the purpose of accessing our POS under a unique identifier. The original image of your fingerprint is immediately deleted, and the hash created cannot be converted back into a fingerprint image. The hash is encrypted and stored only within the local POS database.
• Biometric Data is currently used only to authenticate all hourly employees logging into our POS systems in order to meet PCI requirements and for timekeeping purposes. Such Biometric Data is not shared with third parties and does not leave the POS located at each individual store. Company employees do not have access to the contents of the unique alphanumeric values (hashes) stored on the local POS system. However, to the extent the Company undertakes other lawful actions with respect to Biometric Data collected, as referenced above, the Company may need to disclose Biometric Data to certain employees, attorneys and accountants, as necessary and to the extent it is technologically feasible.
• The Company will retain Biometric Data only for as long as the initial purpose for collecting and obtaining such data has been satisfied. In general and except as otherwise required by law, an employee’s user account will be removed from the POS system immediately after the termination of an employee’s employment, which will cause an employee’s Biometric Data immediately to be permanently deleted from the POS system. In no event will Biometric Data be retained for longer than one year following an employee’s last interaction with the Company.
• The Company will safeguard Biometric Data from unauthorized access, acquisition or disclosure. Such safeguards will include encrypting Biometric Data, limiting access to Biometric Data and using only the minimum necessary Biometric Data for a particular permissible purpose.
• The Company reserves the right to amend this Biometric Data Usage and Security Policy at any time.
Consistent with the above policy, your Biometric Data will be collected and stored by the Company in its POS system for the purpose of verifying your identity for access to the POS system. Your Biometric Data will be encrypted in the local database. Your Biometric Data will not be transmitted outside of the POS system located in the restaurant where you work, and no third party or employees will have access to the contents of your Biometric Data, except under the circumstances described above.

By signing below, you consent to the Company’s collection, use, retention and potential disclosure of your Biometric Data consistent with the above policy and for the above defined purposes as a condition of your employment with the Company.